BC.Game Shitcode: Activate Today’s Shitcode (Updated 2024)

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BC.Game ShitCode or leader Code or SweetCode


New BC.Game Shitcode: Activate the Shitcode with the below SHITLINK Now (Tested & Approved, It’s working) Try Your Luck.





{Claim $1 – $3 in free Crypto/BCD with shitcode (Leader Code)}

[Terms & Conditions – Players must be at LEVEL4 to CLAIM the shitcode bonus.] 

{(1) Previously, Shitcode bonus was offered even to the players at LEVEL2. But Now, it is mandatory that the players should be at LEVEL4 to CLAIM the shitcode bonus.

(2) Previously, we issued Shitcodes several times in a month, whenever a Player needed but it is very tough to do the same now. So, we decided to give 2 Shitcodes per month (1 code for every 15 days) and Each shitcode can be Claimed only by the First 100 Players.}

(We have tested and update the shitcode, enjoy your gambling experience by activating the above shitcode.)

NOTE – I want all the players to share their experience after Claiming The Shitcode Bonus in the below comment section, your valuable comment helps other players and clear all their doubts in claiming the bonus.

{If you have any problem in claiming this Shitcode bonus, just drop your comment below}

BC.GAME Casino Highlights

  1. The online casino offers an immediate lucky spin to get up to 5 BTC. 

  2. Provides more than 10,000 varieties of games on slots. 

  3. It has a forum for communication on various topics. 

  4. They practice provable fairness in all their games. 

  5. The VIP club can unlock various features. 

  6. Contains the option of BC Dollar (BCD) which equals $1. 

  7. The Bitcoin casino has excellent live games. 

  8. Available in a variety of languages. 

  9. The crypto casino accepts only cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and a few others. 

  10. All user data on the casino is fully secure through SSL encryption. 

  11. Features a live chat support round the clock and is mobile friendly.


Deposit Bonus 


To receive the first deposit bonus, you must make a minimum deposit of $30.


If you make your first deposit within 7 minutes, you will receive 120% and 100% after 7 minutes. The reload bonus will be transferred to the rewards wallet. In addition to the corresponding cashback bonus, a third-party free spins bonus has been added.


All the bonuses must be wagered 40 times before they are withdrawn. Deposit bonuses and winnings  expire  after 30 days.


Players can request to withdraw the deposited amount before completing the wagering requirement. However, the bonus amount and winnings will then be forfeited. Please note that when playing with bonuses, real money will be used up first.


BC.GAME management reserves the right to cancel any bonuses and/or winnings obtained through fraud.


Free Spins 


 Free spins are credited automatically. No need to enter  bonus codes to activate free spins. You can get 500 USDT.


You can use the  wheel reward balance to participate in games (if the reward is in the specified games list, the limit on rewards will apply and  is only for participating in games In addition, when you participate in other games, you are reminded of the reward limit of the specific game. If you want to participate in  other games that are not on the  list, you must deposit money.


Before registering, you can freely refresh and spin the wheel with the selected option, but the bonus amount is fixed at 30 USD (if another currency is chosen, the equivalent amount will be distributed ) and can not only be used in specified currencies. third-party. -list of board games. After receiving the reward, you press the button to view the game list. 


You can choose FIAT or CRYPTO as a spin bonus. After selection of currency, tap spin and get the reward. 


To activate  free spins, you must access and open the game within one day of receiving the funds, otherwise they will expire.


All winnings  from free spins will be awarded with a wagering requirement of 40 (forty). Free spins and winnings will expire and be lost after 7 days.


Maximum withdrawal amount from free spins is 10,000 USD or equivalent. Free spins as part of the welcome package can be activated and played in the following games depending on your country. These cannot be used as BCswap.


New Tasks For Beginners and rewards 


As soon as you successfully register, the top right corner of the page will display a bubble portal to guide new users through tasks.


In the beginner mission, you have 6 hours to complete, if you complete after 6 hours, you will not be rewarded and the pop-up bubble will disappear. When you click  Quest Hub in the upper left corner of the page, the same novice quest pop-up  will also appear when the novice quest has not expired.


Newbie Quest Bonus 


They now offer rewards for tasks completed within the platform. There are several quests and different rewards  for each quest. The breakdown is as follows:


Set Currency (Reward: 1 USD) – your currency information will be updated in the wallet’s default list. If the selected currency is not enabled then it must be opened for you after configuration. If there is a currency that is not selected in the default asset list, it must be disabled before you can turn off the screen. 


List of CRYPTO options


 15 options recommended. You can select one or more and check the currency in italics (first 7 letters in the list) by default;


List of FIAT options


10 options are provided, click to enlarge to provide more currencies to choose from. Default setting checks the currency  matches the user’s IP address 

KYC Verification (Reward: $15) –


Complete the KYC process. After submitting  verification, the task status will change to Pending. After successful KYC verification, the task status will change to reward status. When KYC verification fails, the task status will change to resubmit KYC.

Download avatar (Reward : 1 USD)

Set up password (Reward : 1 USD)

Email Verification (Reward: $2)


Welcome Lottery Bonus 


Welcome bonuses have been added to  new user quests/gift packs, including 5 welcome lotteries. You do not need to complete any tasks to receive the welcome bonus when they click.


Five lottery rewards can only be received once per day. If the gift is not received on the same day, it will be invalid and  will be given for 5 consecutive days. Only  lottery tickets not claimed that  day will be invalidated and the remaining lottery tickets will be distributed as normal. You can claim them only once. 


Any  lottery bonus not used within 24 hours of being issued will be forfeited for that day, but you can continue to claim  lottery bonuses for subsequent days if there are any remaining lottery winnings back.


 If any free lottery ticket you claim is a winner, they reserve the right to require you to complete  KYC (Know Your Customer) verification before receiving the winning amount. And in regard to  KYC, the following legal documents will be required for verification purposes: Government approved identification card with photo and we may also request proof of residence, such as  utility bills (issued in the last 90 days). This verification process ensures the  security and legitimacy of prize claims.


Rollover Overview


Here all the details are included like Deposit, Newbie Task Rewards, Deposit Bonus, Free Spin Winnings and Lucky Spin Bonus.


Rollover details


  1. Status

  2. Type

  3. Limited to gaming (List of designed games)

  4. Created on (creation time)

  5. Rolling time (needs setting time)

  6. Total deposit required (quantity)

  7. Complete bet

  8. Pending bet requests (remaining bets)

  9. Amount issued (withdrawable balance of this bonus)
  10. Cancel the bonus (It is not possible to cancel the bet amount required to deposit and only the bonus can be used. Once the bonus is cancelled, the bonus limit, bonus balance and bonus profit  will be calculated as 0.


Bonus Cancellation Rules 


Click on the Cancel Bonus button, a pop-up will appear to confirm the cancellation. Once confirmed, the transaction will be shown as cancelled.


This will remove the amount from the betting and betting calculation requirements, if the trade generates a profit, the amount will be deducted from the wallet.


Adjustments related to transaction recording: If the transaction was made through the use of a bonus, you can see it in the invoice record.


Reward withdrawal rule and other notes


If you have enough funds to withdraw and the withdrawal amount  does not include any funds received through bonuses, then you can withdraw normally and without KYC. On the other hand, provided that you have enough funds to withdraw but have  the funds received through the bonus that comes with the withdrawal and you have not completed KYC, they will be required to complete KYC before withdrawing funds.


Currently locked BCD will expire in 30 days. You  can unlock the funds within  30 days, after which the BCD unlock feature will be removed from the platform and you will no longer be able to find it. After removing the function, the transaction invoice can check the  BCD reward history but will not display on the rewards page.


Term and duration of reward rights


(a) New user spins must be used within 30 days or they will be forfeited;

(b) BCDeposit Refund Bonus – lost after 30 days;

(c) Free spins and free lotteries, 24 hours  from the moment you are ready to claim. Lost if not claimed on time.


Rewards Wallet includes the following types: Funds in Rewards Wallet require a deposit of 40x  to unlock and have an expiration time.

(a) The $30 Spins Bonus must be used within 7 days or it will expire. Once expired, it does not count towards profits and the bonus is removed. If you do not meet the wagering requirements within 7 days, the bonus will also expire and be  removed.

(b) Deposit bonuses that are not used within 30 days will expire and will not be counted in profits after expiration. If the wagering requirements are not met within 30 days, the bonus will expire and be removed.

(c) Free spins and their profits – free spins must be claimed within 24 hours. If not used, they will expire and will not be counted towards profits after expiration and the bonus will be removed. The free spins benefit expires after 7 days, if you do not meet the profit requirement within 7 days the bonus will expire and be  removed.


Com tools has corresponding functions that allow CS agents to check unlock status and confirmed rewards, displaying the same message that you see on the front-end invoice records.

6 Ways You Can Earn Free Money at BC.GAME

In this modern world, Each and every individual is looking forward to making money in an endless number of ways. As technology is improving day by day there are more opportunities in order to generate income. 
Cryptocurrency is the unique way to earn free money and you can earn them by just playing games and BC.GAME is one of the most popular crypto gambling platforms that allows users to earn free money.       

The Rain Feature

This amazing feature helps you to get free crypto coins by just being active in the chat. When the rain is not guaranteed you need to be more active in that case. Here, you can also initiate rain and distribute your coins with other active players in the chat room. BC.GAME is an entertaining platform for all social interactions. If you want to participate in activities with other players in the chat rooms, you can also engage  in the Global community by joining in the global chat rooms. 

Referral Program

By referring new users to the platform, you can earn a percentage of income. Start earning by sharing your unique referral link with others. It’s a win-win situation – the casino attracts new users and you get rewarded for bringing them in. 
Also, the more people you refer, the more money you will earn through the referral program. This is a lifetime opportunity to earn passive income, as you will continue to earn as long as the referred users keep playing. Don’t miss  this chance to win free coins at BC.GAME.

Sports Bonus And Promo Codes

Players can earn free money on BC.GAME with promo code and Sports bonus. BC.Game offers a wide range of promotions for its players.  You can get these promo codes  through  BC.GAME social network, email newsletter and other promotions. Players can enter  those promo codes on  BC.GAME platform to receive  bonuses and free rewards, such as free spins, cashback and other prizes. By using these codes, users can increase their chances of winning and earning free money at BC.GAME.

Contests And Giveaways

BC.GAME offers many interesting and exciting contests and giveaways that allow players to earn free money for participating in the platform’s community. A most exciting and popular contest is quiz, it tests players’ knowledge of the  platform and its features. These quizzes are usually hosted on BC.GAME’s social media channels and those who answer correctly will be entered into a raffle to win cash prizes.
Social  contests are another popular way for players to earn free money on BC.GAME. These contests want players to just create and share casino related content or reviews  on social media, such as posts or tweets. To participate, you simply need to follow BC.GAME on their respective social media platforms and tag BC.GAME in their post. Winners are usually chosen based on the quality of their content or by random draw.

The VIP Club

Regular BC.GAME players can also join the VIP Club. As the name suggests, players will be given incentives and have a chance to win more money. By becoming a member of the VIP club, players have a chance to win more rewards every time they play. It is a tiered system and can be achieved by  playing continuously across the platform. Some of the benefits of being a member of a VIP club include deposit bonuses, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, and weekly sports  bonuses. According to the VIP level  the player is at, the casino will unlock more rewards as they play and level up.

BCD Rewards

BC.GAME innovates to exactly meet customer needs. In addition to the VIP program, an active player can earn more. For example, BCD rewards  can be considered a kind of “rakeback”. BCD is the internal currency of the BC.GAME platform. You can use BCD to bet on any game listed on BC.GAME, including any base game, spinner or slot machine. 
There are many ways to earn free money at BC.GAME. You can participate in all the activities at the casino and get amazing rewards along with cashback. In order to get high payouts you need to simply play games and be active at the casino. BC.GAME is the best online betting platform.

Effective Usage of 2FA in BC.Game

In recent times, BC.GAME has gained an immense reputation, offering an accessible and instigative way to enjoy gambling from the comfort of your homes. Still, with the rise in cyber crimes  and major hacking problems, the security of your BC.GAME accounts have come up to paramount.


2FA is two factor authentication. It is one of the important security systems that bc.game has adopted. Here, you can learn how effectively the 2FA security system works in safeguarding  your account and also to enjoy Hacking free gambling all the way.


How does 2FA work?


Two-factor authentication (2FA) protects your BC.GAME accounts by requiring an extra login credential in addition to your username and password. Unauthorized entrance into your account is impossible without this additional access method, the entry is very difficult for many hackers to get access by stealing passwords and login credentials.


Setting Up 2FA in BC.GAME


  • First, depending on your phone model, download and install the Google Authenticator software from Google Play or the software Store.
  • The following step is to enable 2FA in BC.GAME via their official website. Navigate to the security settings, choose “Security-2FA,” and look for the option to enable 2FA. To attach your authenticator app, BC.GAME will offer a QR code or a secret key.
  • Activator App Link: Launch your authenticator app and scan the QR code provided by BC.GAME. The app will then generate a 6-digit verification code that is unique to you. You can also manually enter the secret key if one is provided.
  • Verify 2FA: In the BC.GAME interface, enter the verification code generated by the authenticator app. Be quick because the application refreshes after 30 seconds and a new code is created. 2FA will be activated in your account after it has been validated.


Google Authenticator is unique in its capacity to create verification codes even when no internet connection is available. This means you can simply access your BC.GAME account even when you are not connected to the internet.


2FA Usage 


Signing In


When you log in after activating 2FA, you must enter the verification code from the app. It will no longer be sufficient to just enter your password.


Transaction Confirmation 


For certain high-risk operations, such as withdrawing funds, BC.GAME may need 2FA authentication. 2FA ensures that only you can make transactions or changes to your account. This also applies when you change your account settings.


It’s an extra step, and needing to authenticate every time you login or withdraw your winnings can be inconvenient, but it’s worth it.


Consider the following best practices to maximize the effectiveness of 2FA:


  1. Use a Strong Password: For your BC.GAME account, use a unique and strong password. Use at least ten letters,  numerals, and symbols, with no evident personal information or common nouns.
  2. Maintain Your Contact Information: Maintain accurate and up-to-date contact information in your BC.GAME account to facilitate smooth 2FA verification communication.
  3. Protect Your Devices: Secure your devices using dependable security features such as passcodes or biometric authentication.
  4. Review Account Activity on a Regular Basis: Maintain vigilance by checking your BC.GAME account for any suspicious activity and reporting any concerns to the platform’s support team.


Strong Security System


Using 2FA adds an extra degree of security and peace of mind when gaming on BC.GAME. You may play without worrying about potential security risks because your account is safeguarded by an additional security feature.


With the security of 2FA, you can concentrate on the fun of playing and exploring BC.GAME offers a diverse choice of gambling opportunities, with the assurance that your account is secure and your personal information is protected.


Accounts on BC.GAME contain sensitive personal information, such as financial information and login credentials. Hackers are continuously attacking these accounts, looking for weaknesses and gaining unauthorized access.


By adding 2FA, BC, traditional password-based security methods may not be sufficient to guard against sophisticated hacking techniques. BC.GAME can reduce the dangers associated with using weak passwords and reusing passwords.


Phishing assaults, a frequent approach used by hackers, can be prevented with Google Authenticator and 2FA. Because phishing attempts attempt to trick users into entering their login credentials on bogus websites or through fraudulent emails, the Authenticator app’s verification code serves as an additional barrier. Even if customers unintentionally enter their credentials on a phishing site, hackers still require the time-sensitive code to penetrate the account.


In addition, by understanding third-party risks, BC.GAME can prevent user accounts and data from being compromised as a result of service vulnerabilities. Best security precautions, such as encryption techniques, take regular audits, and also importantly 2FA, ensure that if a third-party provider also suffers security issues , the additional layer of authentication protects your  user accounts.

Bonus For Every Deposit


First Deposit


Get180% bonus on your first deposit amount. 


Second Deposit


Get 240% bonus on your second deposit amount. 


Third Deposit


Get 300% bonus on your Third deposit amount. 


Fourth Deposit

Get 360% bonus on your Fourth Deposit. It’s a Big Bonus.


Deposit Bonus Rule


The most exciting part in every casino is bonuses. BC.GAME is the top best gambling platform that offers a Big bonus exclusively for all our loyal players. We are not just satisfied with just 1 deposit bonus, hence  we are offering 4 deposit bonuses. The best part of BC.GAME is our outstanding deposit bonuses. 
You can enjoy 4 friendly deposits and many more crypto rewards. You are rewarded with BCD for your deposits made on BC.GAME. 


First Deposit


Get 180% bonus up to a maximum of $20,000 or an equivalent amount in other currencies.


Second Deposit


 Get 240% bonus up to a maximum of $40,000 or an equivalent amount in other currencies.


Third Deposit


Get 300% bonus up to a maximum of $60,000 or an equivalent amount in other currencies.


Fourth Deposit


Get 360% bonus up to a maximum of $100,000 or an equivalent amount in other currencies.


BC.GAME Latest Bonus: Spin The Wheel and get 1 BTC Free Bonus


Task Hub – Players can achieve tasks and find rewards. 

Lucky Spin Bonus – Users can take a lucky spin and find up to 5 BTC. 

RAKEBACK Bonus – With every bet placed, players are given Rakeback whether they win or lose. 

Rain – In the casino’s chat rooms, it rains coins. Every 6 hours there are 6 winners.

Recharge Bonus – No need to wait for complete recharge now, enjoy steady stream recharge right now on BC.GAME.

Roll Competition –  Roll on for the big victory!

Coco – Catch the Coco and get rewarded every 6 hours. For every 6 hours you will get coco an icon on the screen, don’t forget to catch it you can win many exciting rewards. You can BCD/Fait exclusive rewards based on which VIP level you are in.

BC Game Mobile App

Smartphones play an important role in every one’s life right from a toddler to an adult everybody becomes addicted to it. Hence, this addiction for people is recognized by BC.Game and introduced a mobile app in order to meet player’s betting needs. The casino’s mobile app is in high demand nowadays. 


With the popularization of the internet on a large scale today the traffic is more from mobile devices, BC.GAME, hence,  recognizes the minimum importance of reaching users on a large scale. Do you want to know how BC.GAME’s mobile app is revolutionizing the online gaming experience, offering convenience,  superior gaming experience and secure transactions.


Integrate gaming into everyday life with the BC.GAME Mobile App


The BC.GAME mobile app is revolutionizing the way users interact with  crypto online casinos. It seamlessly integrates the online gaming experience into your daily routines. It offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility. If you’re away from home or traveling or just sitting and relaxing at home, the app perfectly delivers the excitement of betting at your fingertips.


Tracking your  crypto casino activities is easy with the BC.GAME mobile app. From your deposits and withdrawals of your funds to betting on your favorite sport and participating in events or tournaments, you can have complete control over your gaming experience, while ensuring global accessibility with multi-language availability . Users from different countries share a very common standard, promoting inclusivity and creating a true gaming community world wide.


The mobile device’s touch interface  also provides intuitive and user-friendly navigation. It improves the overall online casino user experience, making it easier for all the players to browse games and place bets comfortably.


How to Install BC.Game Mobile App?


The BC.GAME mobile application installation process is very simple. BC.GAME application is designed to be versatile and compatible with many types of mobile devices, especially the two main operating systems, Android and iOS. Here are detailed instructions on how to install  BC.GAME app on each platform:


Install on iOS device 


The process is for Apple mobiles and tablets, follow few easy steps for installation of bc.game App:

  • Open browser Apple Safari.
  • In Safari’s search bar, type “BC.GAME” and go to the official website.
  • Once on the BC.GAMES site, find the “share button” in browser preferences. Tap the share button.
  • Install the app by tapping “Add” or “Add to Home Screen” in the prompt that appears.
  • Once installed, the BC.GAME application icon will  be added to the home screen of your device.


For Android smartphone or tablet devices 


Here is a simple steps to install BC.GAME mobile app:


  • Open Google Chrome browser.
  • Visit the official BC.GAME website by typing “BC.GAME” in the search bar.
  • Click on additional options and settings 
  • Touch the “Settings” or “More” option and confirm its settings.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will find the BC.GAME icon added to your device’s home screen.


Ensure mobile app security for a reliable gaming experience 


Mobile app security is very important in today’s world and BC.GAME has understood its importance very well. However, because of the rapid proliferation of thefts BC.GAME applications can be exposed to risk, by putting the users information and funds at risk. Various malicious applications  not only harm users’ data but also damage BC.GAME’s reputation in the digital industry.


Bc.Game ensures high security and reliability of  mobile applications, taking strict measures to protect user information and providing a safe gaming environment. By taking security as primary important, Bc.Game aims to strengthen the trust of its users, providing them with a reliable and enjoyable online casino experience. It is important to prioritize the authenticity and reliability of the platform. BC.GAME holds the highly regarded game license of Curacao, this acts as an evidence to highest security.


Bc.Game is committed to maintaining a safe and reliable application endorsed by  iTech Labs. As one of the most reputable gaming website software reviewers, iTech Labs thoroughly evaluates the platform’s adherence to strict standards and ensures fair and transparent gameplay. By prioritizing licensing, regulatory compliance and endorsements from reputable organizations, BC.GAME establishes itself as a reputable online casino brand with a trusted application. Users can interact with the BC.GAME mobile app with confidence knowing that strict security measures are in place to protect their information and ensure a safe gaming environment.


It is very important to be careful when downloading  mobile applications. Fraudsters can use fake apps to manipulate user information. BC.GAME warns users to avoid downloading from illegal sources. By using the official website you can download the application and make your casino mobile journey peaceful and pleasantly. 

5 Best Slot Games at BC.GAME (Recommended)

(1) Magic Powers Megaways

Magic Powers Megaways bc.game
Magic Powers Megaways is the smartest slot machine that transports you to a world of fairy dust and magical creatures. The presentation is solid, as usual for Red Tiger Gaming, but you have to be in a good mood to enjoy such a setting. It may not be for everyone, but Magic Powers Megaways has the right features and a solid mathematical model. The functionality of the
Reels could be better as all four items need to provide different modifiers. Instead, you get random natural numbers on  3 or 4 reels in the middle. The lane multiplier you get with Super Wilds is something Red Tiger likes, and it can also improve wins at all stages. 

(2) Rise of Olympus 100

Rise of Olympus 100 bc.game
PlaynGo excellently showcased the generous and ruthless nature of the Greek gods in Rise of Olympus 100 on BC.GAME. Their giving nature is visible through  cluster payouts and cascading spins, allowing players to generate wins more easily and providing the possibility to generate winning streaks that will increase the overall multiplier. The game nature manifests itself through its reduced RTP and high volatility, which makes for a truly unpredictable slot machine experience. Say your prayer and step onto the reels as you ascend the gates of Olympus.

(3) Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond bc.game slot
Red Tiger’s Blue Diamond is a classic online slot game with simple gameplay and exciting features played out against a vibrant dark blue background, with shiny symbols  on the reels. The game’s Wild Respin can lead to multiple re-spins and big wins, while the Multiply feature can further increase your winnings. All in all, Blue Diamond is a fun and exciting online slot machine that offers plenty of opportunities to win big.

(4) Fortune Gems

Fortune Gems slot bc.game
Fortune Gems Slot  is a spectacular jewel-style slot machine from BC.GAME that offers the thrill of playing slots. Fortune Gems is a 3-reel, 3-row video slot. It’s a great opportunity for  novice players, making it easy on the eyes and comfortable to play. For anyone interested in playing this game, sign up for  BC.Game Account!

(5) Dynamite Riches Megaways

Dynamite Riches Megaways slot bc.game
Dynamite Riches Megaways are comparable to many other mega ways; however, it is more volatile and less generous in terms of returns than some of  Red Tiger Gaming’s current offerings. The bonus for this slot is actually lower than other games of the same genre, so  keep that in mind when playing. However, many interesting features can only be partially unlocked.

Table Games (Most Popular): 5 Best Table Games

(1) Amaterasu Keno

Amaterasu Keno bc.game
It is a japanese themed game which has a stunning contrast of plain green background. 
Amaterasu Keno is a numbers table game in which players must select one to ten numbers from a table of numbers 1-80. The aim is to get a winning combination by predicting as many numbers as possible from the twenty  numbers drawn. On each spin, players can be rewarded with a lucky number multiplier or free spins. 
Amaterasu Keno is based on a fun and easy to understand board game from BC.GAME, it is perfect for players of all tastes. Amaterasu Keno has a great mix of strategy and luck, as you must pick your own numbers but also wait for the game to do its part by drawing a random set one by one, and you can get big payout and its calm background theme is perfect stimuli to try it out.

(2) 3D Blackjack

3D Blackjack
Blackjack 3D offers thrilling gameplay through all the elements combined giving you easy control of the game. You will also experience a soundtrack that keeps you entertained as you continue to play the game. So there’s no need for the dealer to direct the action – instead, you’ll hear sound effects that simulate the actual game of blackjack. To play 3D Blackjack, place your preferred bet using the chips at the bottom of the screen, then click Deal; The auto dealer will deal  from that point on.
To win in 3D Blackjack, you must beat the dealer by having a hand closer to 21 than him; if you or the dealer lose (over 21), everyone loses!You have to play the game manually as it allows you to execute your strategy to win big.

(3) Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette

Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette bc.game
The Age of the Gods slot machine is a series connected to the progressive jackpot, it has 4 built-in jackpots: Ultimate Power, Super Strength, Extra Power and Power. To win the jackpot, line up three symbols. You must bet on the Age of the Gods jackpot before the wheel stops spinning to win.The jackpot will be randomly awarded.
In the Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette, players can place bets of different sizes on the roulette table layout, with a minimum bet  of $1 and the maximum bet is $1,000. The game also features a variety of special bets, including neighbor bets and call bets, which can be placed by clicking on the track area of the table.

(4) French Roulette Classic 

French Roulette Classic bc.game
Classic French Roulette  at BC.GAME is a beautiful game that greets you with a red velvet table. The vibrant colors contrast beautifully with the clean, sleek  layout of the large numbered tiles, inviting you to bet with ease and confidence.
French Roulette Classic by Evoplay is a top online table game that gives you  a truly authentic and immersive classic roulette experience. This exciting game allows you to win big, with a maximum payout of 36x, which translates into a  maximum total of $2,880.
French Roulette Classic Games of its kind has an extremely high return to player (RTP) rate of 98.65%, putting it on par with some of the most generous titles in the game. iGaming industry, making it a very attractive option for those who are looking for a great opportunity to make money easier.

(5) Single Deck Blackjack

Single Deck Blackjack
Single Deck Blackjack at BC.GAME is an online blackjack table game with a chic green table with  dark leather trim, perfectly designed. The backdrop is equally welcome, with a sleek, modern design that will draw you in and immerse you in the game.  It offers balanced, low-volatility gameplay that ensures that your wins remain relatively consistent and exciting, and offers an exciting opportunity to regularly win up to 4.5x  your total bet.
The most outstanding features of Single Deck Blackjack are an exceptional return to player (RTP) rate of 99.55%,  among the best in the industry, and the ability to play three hands at once, offering you  a greater chance of earning substantial payouts and reaping the rewards.

Live Casino Games (Top-Notch Gambling Experience)

(1) Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette
Lightning Roulette features familiar elements of casino roulette. You have a live wheel and  live  dealer, with a full range of roulette bets. The game is played online like a live show but with the aesthetic of a casino. 
This game features stunning visuals, with a high yielding random number generator (RNG) lucky number that helps you win on every spin. Here, a player is looking to hit 1 to 5 lucky numbers to play the game. Such luck means that the player receives the winnings multiplied by tens, hundreds of times. Attractive game with lively show-style environment, sound and light effects.

(2) Cash or Crash

cash or crash
Cash or Crash is an exciting live game show, where players take flight with a higher chance of climbing and winning more or crashing. The game has an attractive, entertaining and great feel that makes the gaming journey enjoyable. Players place bets and get a chance to climb higher on the 20-step ladder-like paytable. Players rely on a ball plotter, which allows balls to fly higher while a red ball causes you to crash. Overall, it’s a fun game that offers a fun live experience.

(3) Bac Bo

Bac Bo live casino game at bc.game
Bac Bo has simple gameplay with exciting features. This game takes the legacy of the beloved  table game Baccarat and adds dice action for a unique experience. The language will be similar to those with experience playing Baccarat. The game consists of the total of 2 dice being rolled into 4 individual shakers, two for each hand. As a result, Live Bac Bo utilizes a modern Asian-themed casino to deliver an immersive live gaming experience.

(4) Crazy Time

Crazy Time slot live casino game
Well, this game has an easy to understand name. Its basic elements are a money wheel, a premium slot machine and bonus games. The game has  multipliers and has the excitement of a televised game. The action revolves around the main game with additional games for added appeal. Players bet on numbers or  bonus games. Thus, players get the fun and winning possibilities of a game show, only  this game offers more flexibility and dynamism.

(5) Buffalo Blitz

Buffalo Blitz live casino game at bc.game
The buffalo is an animal synonymous with brute force. This slot machine game takes place on a  North American prairie theme. A player goes on a wild trip through the savannah, discovering the dangers and wonders that bison would do in real life. Playtech added a live game element that made it instantly popular. Players merge slot machines and live casino experiences with grassland exploration multiplayer with a live studio and host for the complete experience.

5 Best BC.GAME Originals

(1) Limbo

Limbo is a well- online casino game. The game is inspired by limba party games. Limbo is simple but attractive. It is ideal for all players, regardless of experience or expertise, as well as any budget and risk  appetite. 
The rules of the game are very simple. Basically, players play based on the number flashing on the screen, and the goal is to make sure  the number they choose is lower than the number that will show up. This is something that players need to consider before and while placing a bet, especially considering their budget and  long-term game and strategic intentions.
Limbo is an open game, which means unlimited returns. This is why Limbo is often considered to be the most suitable game  for those who prefer high winnings and high risks. Limba gives more winning probability to its players with high prizes. Only you need a good amount of luck. 

(2) Crash

It is the most exciting one of the blockchain gambling games. In recent years, the numbers of crypto lovers playing Crash has increased in large in order to increase the value of digital coins.
If you want to  start crypto gambling games Crash is the best choice. This game is simple, fair and real in winning online rewards. This game is developed in such a way that you can easily master the game by just playing a few rounds. The Crash game is not restricted to only bitcoin but it also allows others digital coins to play the game.
The Crash is a game where multiple players can play in which you can choose between Classic Crash and Trenball modes. In the classic crash , the  players are allowed to withdraw their money soon after placing the bet. Their amount will only depend on how many players bet on the spin. For  Trenball mode, they have to bet on the line color that can affect your win. Players are responsible for increasing or decreasing their amount in all casino games. Set a minimum and maximum betting amount before you start your game.

(3) Classic Dice

It’s a best online casino game by bc.game. The game is based on luck and prediction. The game is so simple and easy when compared to other dice games. The game is 100 sided virtual dice. 
Classic dice in BC.GAME also offers an auto bet option where  bets are placed automatically based on the rules and the amount is adjusted based on the mode you are playing. Usually, this option is used by experienced casino players to manage their bankroll.
This option has  an initial bet based on the amount you put up. You can also set the number of spins you want the auto bet feature to run. If you win, the auto bet feature will adjust your bet based on the percentage you place. The same is true when you lose the round. Once you reach the specified winning amount, the automatic betting feature will stop. You can also set an amount to stop automatic betting once you have lost a certain amount to prevent your bankroll from further loss.

(4) Hash Dice

Hash Dice is a variation of the dice game and it is available on this popular casino platform. At its core, Hash Dice is a game of probability  developed using a blockchain algorithm and hashing. This fact alone contributes to the suspenseful and exciting nature of the game, especially as players become more engaged, more engaging and continue with their predictions and bets. In such a case, your probability of winning continues to increase as the number you spin is above , the table approaches the randomly generated number.
Hash Dice is very popular with players of all ages and experiences because of their simple and easy rules. First, you need to set up a prediction interval, such as 4999, and a random number. Once  done, set the bet amount for that particular spin and click  the ROLL button when you are satisfied with your bet amount.
Hash Dice is ideal for beginners, it is always important to study the mechanics of the game and become familiar with the rules of its operation. This is especially true if you want to maximize your winnings and bet in the long run, plus, it allows you to have fun while playing.

(5) Plinko

Plinko first entered the casino gaming arena in 1983 and since its inception many casinos have featured this iconic game on their platforms.
Plinko is one of the best crypto gambling game which is out right now, it offers a unique and exciting game of chance. Originally, the game was inspired by “Pachinko”, a Japanese machine game. The mechanics are almost the same in that  players drop the ball from the  top of the pyramid so  they can explore winning routes that yield a corresponding multiplier of .
Scalable betting options give players more winning opportunities as well as greater control and authority over game outcomes. With Plinko, players can choose payouts and risks they like. These options dramatically alter the trajectory of the ball and the possible outcome of the match, and are ultimately up to the player’s discretion. The great thing about this is that it is an advantage for players with excellent and solid bankroll management techniques, as they can tweak these options in their favor,  resulting in higher payouts and bigger profits.



The BC.GAME online casino was started in the year 2017, the casino follows a decentralized structure of blockchain technology. The bc.game casino has received its official gambling certificate from the iTech labs, one of the leading certifiers. The casino has received its eGambling license from Cryptogambling.org, a crypto gambling foundation. bc.game casino accepts only cryptocurrencies to deposit and gamble, the casino has many promotional offers to all the players irrespective of the level of the casino. The intriguing gaming interface and offers at the casino attracts many players from various parts of the world.




At Bc.game casino, players can access the casino in many different languages such as English, Filipino, Indonesian, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Hindu, Finnish, Italian, Russian, Thai, Korean, Arabic, Persian and Italian.


Restricted Countries


Bc.game is accepted around the globe but restricted in the following countries:-

  • China 
  • Aruba 
  • Curaçao 
  • Afghanistan 
  • Canada
  • Australia 
  • Cuba 
  • France 
  • Estonia 
  • Iran 
  • Hong Kong 
  • Italy 
  • Iraq 
  • Netherlands Antilles 
  • North Korea 
  • Russia 
  • Netherlands 
  • Romania 
  • Sint Maarten (Dutch part) 
  • Slovakia 
  • Saba 
  • Spain 
  • South Korea 
  • Switzerland 
  • Sweden 
  • Taiwan 
  • Syria 
  • United Kingdom 
  • Turkey 


Currencies Accepted

bc.game accepted cryptocurrencies


Bc.game casino being a crypto casino accepts over 20+ cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, USDT, XRP, ADA, DOGE, ETC, DOT, AVAX, NEAR, BUSD, USDC, UNI, MATIC, BCH, TRX, LTC, LINK, VET, XLM, SHIB, EOS, DAI, AAVE, YFI, FLOKI, SAND, TUSD, FTM, LUNA, ZIL, TOMO, FLOOR, GALA, HEX, ZCASH, XMR, XLM, BCD, BIT, AMP,  SUNNEW, LUNC, GODS, DCR, PEOPLE, BAYC, PUNKS, AZUKI, USTC, VTHO, PAR,  HNT, BTCB, KAVA, NEXO, FIL, GST, SAMO, ROSE, SNACK, KLAY, TON, YGG, WCK, WBNB, CRO, HBAR, RVN, ATOM, SATS, BAT, APE, WAVES,  SAND, NANO, DGB, AXS, FIL, LUNC, BLUR, ONE, APT, BCT, USTC, BCR, WCK. The Casino strictly prohibits the deposit in currencies other than the mentioned ones.


Fiat Currency


Bc.game casino also accepts over 20+ fiat currency such as USD, BRL, ARS, PLN, HRK, BDT, UHA, ISK, INR, PHP, MXN, HUF, EUR, VND, CUP, NOK, RUB, THB, KRW, NGN, MAD, JPY, IDR, ZAR, CBP, CAD, RON, UAH, CZK, CLP, VEF, LKR, IRR, EGP, ANG, ILS, GHS, PKR, RSD, MAD, PEN, HUF.


Deposit & Withdrawal


The casino accepts only cryptocurrencies, this makes sure that all the transactions at the casino take place using crypto wallets. 


Players can deposit the currency at the casino simply selecting the ‘My Wallet’ and then ‘Deposit’. A QR code is then generated by scanning which the address of the wallet can be copied and used. 


There are no deposit limits mentioned and the withdrawal limit is completely dependent on the cryptocurrency selected by the player. The withdrawal process is so simple and easy, it is similar to the deposit process.




Many players enjoy playing at best bitcoin casinos because they are more accessible than land-based casinos. Aside from the wide variety of games available, various features ensure a great gaming experience. Below that are online casino promotions that can help you win more prizes.


When you register at an online casino like BC.GAME, you can expect a lot of bonuses that can make your gaming experience more memorable. These bonuses allow you to play more without breaking the bank. Just remember to meet  wagering requirements and set a betting limit.


Several online casinos  give you a unique match bonus upon registration. This bonus gives you an idea of ​​what the site offers. Offerings may vary from location to location, and each will make you feel welcome. For example, BC.GAME allows you  a 300% match bonus  if you make a minimum deposit of $10 within the first 20 minutes on the site.


How to Register for a Account 


You can enjoy many benefits by having an account. If you don’t already have one, follow these steps:


  • Click on the sign-up button in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Enter your email address and create a secure sign-up password
  • Enter a promotional or referral  code (if applicable)
  • Confirm that you have read your User Agreement and that you are at least 18 years old.
  • Click the sign-up button to complete an account


How to Deposit


Depositing in this casino cryptocurrency is as easy as 1..2..3! Be sure to do the following:


Click on the wallet icon next to your balance in the top right corner of the screen


  • Select your preferred currency
  • Copy the deposit address shown
  • Open your crypto wallet/exchange and select  same currency
  • Paste  address and enter how much you want to deposit
  • Double check all details as crypto transactions are irreversible
  • Confirm  transaction


Stay engaged with loyalty bonuses.


The more you up A site play, the more they show their appreciation for their time on your site. Most of the time, loyalty bonuses increase continuously  as you improve your ranking. These bonuses, in turn, give you bigger prizes and more benefits.


BC.GAME has a unique loyalty bonus called Master Medals. Below are 21 exciting categories that can earn you a medal as you keep playing. You earn medals to move up the leaderboard and get upgrade rewards. Some of these are

5 medals → 20 BCD

10 medals → 800 BCD

15 medals → 2400 BCD

20 medals → 10,000 BCD


BCD stands for BC Dollars, a currency on the site that you can only use here. Each BCD costs $1 which you can use on games you like or  sports markets you want to bet on.


Feel special with BC.GAME


Loyalty VIP bonuses are great, but there is something about VIP bonuses that takes your casino gaming experience to a whole new level. With this bonus you will find that being a VIP is not only for land based casinos but also for online casinos.


BC.GAME has the perfect VIP program that gives you the opportunity to have a great gaming experience. This program also has different tiers that give you better benefits as you progress. The best part? It also unlocks more website features.


This bonus includes several benefits. Some of them are:


  • A unique VIP transfer program
  • An exclusive VIP host
  • Daily free coins
  • Secret treasures
  • Special bonus codes
  • The chance to win invitations to luxury trips, stays in elegant suites or exclusive parties


Get your powers back with Recharges bonuses


BC.GAME also offers you recharge bonuses to make the most of. You can distribute this bonus throughout the week at the intervals you specify. You have the following options:


  • daily → can be charged once every 24 hours
  • hourly → can be charged up to 24 times a day
  • flash charge → can be charged up to 144 times a day


These charges are fixed based on the value of the Losses in the last seven days, betting history and VIP status. However, you can enjoy this bonus if you are currently at VIP level 22 or higher. Redeem this after seven days, especially if you wagered $1,000.


Players at the Bc.game casino can claim different types of bonuses such as Maximum bonuses, Daily bonuses and Lucky prizes.


Task Bonus


All the players of the casino are given new tasks everyday and they can earn a bonus easily by completing the task in a given time. 


New players even have some special Newbie tasks. A bonus amount up to 1 BTC is given to the players. 


Players can improve their VIP level by completing the tasks and can unlock some privileges.




Shit codes at Bc.game are like some bonus or promo codes by which the players get some bonus amount or rewards added to their accounts.

Shitcode: (Leader Code) or SHITLINK OR LEADER LINK 



VIP Bonus


Exclusive VIP Benefits


Join their VIP Club now and enjoy exclusive gifts, giveaways and amazing features. Experience the thrill of higher prices and special offers that will surprise you.


No Fee – Withdrawals – Unlock the commission-free withdrawal rate at VIP 38 and easily withdraw your winnings at no extra cost. 

Rewarding Lucky Spin – As you level up, spin the wheel with exciting luck and win bigger prizes. 

Dedicated VIP Host – Enjoy free downloads in VIP 38, attention from VIP hosts and exclusive benefits. 

Amazing Level UP Bonus – Amazing rewards await as you level up and unlock multiple times. 

Fun Tips & Raining – Show your appreciation with a tip or have a chance to win a raffle and cash giveaway.


VIP Reward Breakdown 


Bronze : You can be rewarded with Level Up Bonus, Coin Drops and Raining.. 

Silver : You can be rewarded with Level Up Bonus, Coin Drops, Raining, Tips and VIP Spins.

Gold : You can be rewarded with Level Up Bonus, Coin Drops, Tips, Raining, VIP Spins, Weekly Cashback, Recharge, Monthly Cashback and Sports Weekly Bonus.

Platinum 1 : You can be rewarded with Level Up Bonus, Coin Drops, Raining, Tips, VIP Spins, Recharge, Monthly Cashback, Weekly Cashback, Sports Weekly Bonus, VIP Host and No Fee Withdrawals.

Platinum 2 : You can be rewarded with Level Up Bonus, Raining, Tips, Coin Drops, VIP Spins, Weekly Cashback, Recharge, Monthly Cashback, Sports Weekly Bonus, VIP Host and No Fee Withdrawals.

Diamond 1 : You can be rewarded with Level Up Bonus, Raining, Coin Drops, Tips, VIP Spins, Recharge, Weekly Cashback, Monthly Cashback, Sports Weekly Bonus, VIP Host, No Fee Withdrawals, Exclusive SVIP perks and Luxury giveaway.

Diamond 2 : You can be rewarded with Level Up Bonus, Raining, Coin Drops, Tips, VIP Spins, Recharge, Weekly Cashback, Sports Weekly Bonus, Monthly Cashback, VIP Host, Exclusive SVIP perks, No Fee Withdrawals and Luxury giveaway.

Diamond 3 : You can be rewarded with Level Up Bonus, Raining, Coin Drops, Tips, VIP Spins, Recharge, Weekly Cashback, Monthly Cashback, Sports Weekly Bonus, VIP Host, No Fee Withdrawals, Exclusive SVIP perks and Luxury giveaway.


Roll Competition 


The Roll point game or promotion is like a lottery and all the players will get only one chance everyday to roll. 


The rolling time starts at 10:00 to 10:00 every day and the rewards will be distributed later. The reward will be different currencies, the ROLL is a random number from 0 to 999. 


The ranking of the player is determined on the basis of the time of the roll if different players roll the same number. Players betting can get the opportunity to get rewarded based on the top 10 Roll points except JB players of the Bc.game casino.


Lucky Prize – Rain


Six players of all the players at the casino are selected at random and are rewarded, this reward is usually considered as a cryptocurrency. 


Players are usually selected at random using the Rain algorithm, the players who send more messages are given high priority and are rewarded. Sometimes there is a chance of winning though the player sends a single message. 


The winning information is sent to the player’s chat room by robots. 


A player is supposed to handle only one account and if any fraudulent activity is noticed by the casino then the player account will be suspended. If the player is given water or rain, then the player will receive the message as 888 TRX.




The Lucky spin is an amazing bonus offer of the Bc.game casino, players can spin the lucky spin every day and get rewards everyday. 


Players can win up to 5 BTC using the spin wheel, one player can spin the wheel only once a day. 


If any of the fraudulent activity is noted, then the player account is suspended and all the winnings of the player are forfeited. 


No player should have more than one account and only one player per address or IP address is made available.




Bc.game casino has only a few games, but the games provide utmost fun to the players


The games at the Bc.game casino are Crash, Classic Dice, Keno, Limbo, Blackjack, Hash Dice, Wheel, Slots, Plinko, Beauties, Poker and Roulette


Though there are only a few games, the intriguing gaming interface and the unlimited bonuses at the casino attracts players to gamble more at the casino.


Accepted Players 


Bc.games casino accepts players if and only if they belong to or they reside in the geographical parts of countries where online gambling is legal.


The player should have a minimum of 18 years or should have the age enough to gamble according to the jurisdiction he / she lives in.


The casino reserves the right to check the age proof of the player. If the player resists to submit the documents or the player does not reach the requirements, then the casino can suspend the account. 


One player should have only one account and if the casino finds it then all the accounts handled by the player are deleted or suspended. 


Restricted Countries 


There are no specific restricted countries at the Bc.game casino, players from all over the world are accepted here.


The player should make sure that he / she belongs to the country where online gambling is legal and has enough age to gamble.


It’s the player’s responsibility to check the legality regarding online gambling using cryptocurrency in their jurisdiction. 


Responsible Gaming 


It is strictly forbidden  for people under the age of 18 to play at bc.game.


Online gambling is a fun and potentially rewarding way to pass the time. However,  at BC.GAME they care about the interests of their players. They support responsible gaming.


As online gambling has grown over the last decade, online gambling sites for casino, sports, lottery and other games have become easily accessible at the touch of a button. Every time and everywhere. This makes it difficult for players to set limits.


BCGAME’s Sportsbook and Casino section is designed to offer a maximized entertainment portal  made for pure enjoyment. However, they want their players to play within their means.


Always remember,


  • gambling is meant to be fun and entertaining, not a means to an end to make money.
  • gambling is not a way to solve financial difficulties.
  • Decide on a gambling budget and stick to it. Keep track of your spending and only play with the amount originally set.
  • Don’t chase  losses or gamble with money that you’ve allocated to other areas of your budget.
  • Make sure you play hobbies only  in your free time. 
  • Gambling should not distract you from your daily routine  activities. Control the time you spend gaming.


Underage Play


It is strictly forbidden for anyone under the age of 18 to play at BC.GAME. They conduct random checks on payment gateways used to deposit funds. If players are found to be under the age of 18, all winnings will be forfeited, accounts  will be closed and the police in the child’s country of residence will be contacted.


They strongly encourage parents to be  aware of and participate in their children’s activities  on playground equipment. It is also recommended to install software filters.


Where to get help if you think you have a gambling problem





BC.Game Offers Their Players


To help players stay within their limits the casino team always recommend that players entering via the site always check  the following guidelines and tools on the casino site:


  • Game session timer
  • Deposit limits are set at the beginning of the game.
  • Set limits and provide tools to prevent underage gambling.
  • Offer a self-exclusion option.
  • A 24/7 support team to discuss concerns or questions about your issue.
  • They provide links to self-help organizations and information


Self Exclusion 


If a player is not interested or willing to gamble can talk to the support team and request a self ban or self exclusion period from the casino. 


The self exclusion period is something that the player will not be able to access the casino for some limited period of time. During this period the casino suspends the player account and the account enters the inactive stage where no offers and promotions are made available to the account. 


The account can be reactivated once the fixed time ends. 


Provably Fair Games 


All the games at the Bc.game casino are provably fair and are run with the help of some predefined algorithms in the background. 


This ensures the trust among players regarding the gaming, this ensures less human intervention and high security. 


Mobile Optimization 


The Bc.game casino has a mobile friendly interface which allows players to access the casino from any place and the interface gets optimized to all the mobile screens irrespective of size and shape. 


The Bc.game casino can be accessed from various operating systems as Windows, Microsoft, iOS, Mac OS and Android. 


Social Media


Our social media pages are available below, Would you like to check out:-












All the user data the casino has is safely stored, the data at the casino is encrypted using high end to end SSL encryption, which ensures that the complete data is secure. 


The deposits made by the players are safely stored in the cold wallet of the casino. 


Bc.game casino uses a 2 Step Authentication verification security protocol. 


Software Providers


Bc.game has world Class software providers with them. They always maintain their essence and quality of games. Check out their providers listed below:- Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, NextGen Gaming, 1x2Gaming, Genesis Gaming, Quickspin, Yggdrasil Gaming, Rabcat, BGAMING, Igaming2go, Ezugi, Playson, Amatic Industries, Betdigital, Big Time Gaming, Elk Studios, Endorphina, Casino Technology, Lightning Box, Booming Games, Habanero, Ainsworth Gaming Technology, Pragmatic Play and Iron Dog Studios.




Bc.game casino has an amazing 24/7 live chat support feature, allowing players to contact the support team anytime without any issue. 


The live chat is made available in many different languages such as English, Polish, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Hindu, Finnish, Italian, Russian and Thai to help players from all the different places access the casino. 


The support team helps players to navigate between the pages and use the casino effectively. For help: help.bc.game and for business purpose you can email us here : business@bc.game 




Q : What are the currencies accepted at the Bc.game casino? 

A : Bc.game casino accepts only cryptocurrency, the currencies accepted at the Bc.Game casino are Bitcoin – BTC, Ethereum – ETH, BNB, Solana – SOL, Tether – USDT, XRP, Cardano – ADA, Dogecoin – DOGE, Ethereum Classic – ETC, Polkadot – DOT, AVAX, Near Protocol – NEAR, Binance USD – BUSD, USD Coin – USDC, UNI, MATIC, Bitcoin Cash – BCH, TRON – TRX, Litecoin – LTC, ChainLink – LINK, VeChain – VET, XLM, Shib Inu – SHIB, EOS, DAI, AAVE, YFI, FLOKI, The Sandbox – SAND, True USD – TUSD, Fantom – FTM, LUNA, Zillaqa – ZIL, TOMO, FLOOR, GALA, HEX, ZCASH, Monero – XMR, Stellar – XLM, BCD.


Q : How many players are given Lucky prizes – Rain at Bc.Game casino? 

A : The casino selects six players at random and presents them the reward. 


Q : What is Shit code at the Bc.game casino? 

A :  Shit codes at Bc.games are like some bonus or promo codes by which the players get some bonus amount or rewards added to their accounts.


Q : What is the eligibility age to play on Bc.Game?

A : All the players on Bc.Game should attain the age of 18 years.

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    or, you can take this code directly here – $[BCGAME-1PWRGNFFBYTAVJ3OMUBL6ZUQUCM]$ (This new shitcode is updated on 9th December 2022).
    Happy Gambling 🙂

  35. Raymond D. Atkinson III



    Hello Guys,
    If you didn’t CLAIM our last Shitcode Bonus, Don’t Worry.
    We are coming with new NEW SHITCODE BONUS on 15th December.
    Get Ready.
    Note – Only the first 100 players can get this shitcode bonus.
    Good Luck, Thank You.

  37. Soggy

    Hello, I used this Shitcode earlier today (12/15/20220 and it worked fine. This is exactly how i enetered the Code: KFA3Z2TO6APSF6WYJO6JGITE2I

    I know many times you need to have $[BCGAME- etc etc etc but how i typed it is how it worked for me. I am LVL 3 if that helps at all?

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