Online casino dice games are the most popular game in many casinos across the world. Six-sided dice originated in the country called China about 2600 years ago. In the past, dice were used as a divination tool, but as time passes, things have changed drastically. It was then used as a means of entertainment and fun element before the invention of the dice game. Dice games are not as sharp as most players see them. They are a game of chance and luck.
The game of dice can be intimidating, especially for new beginners, but you don’t have to let fear affect you. There are strategies to apply to win these games. Here are some examples of dice games that you will find in online casinos


Craps is the most popular  dice game in most of the casinos which  involves betting on the outcome of a pair of dice. 
Over the past decade there has also been a huge explosion in online dice games. Most of the casino sites offer their players craps games. Some even offer live dealer games just like playing in a real casino. This is real fun for the players.

How to start playing craps online?

Before you  start making money with online craps, it’s important to go through this process. Here is a step-by-step guide from when you arrive at your chosen online casino or real money gambling app to place your first bet.

Choose a reputable online craps casino

Deal only with the best. When it comes to putting your money in line to play casino games, you need to deposit it somewhere that you trust.
There are a lot of online casinos that are not trustworthy, whether it’s the unfair odds or their questionable payout “speed”. After choosing the online casino you want to play, you need to create your own casino account. The process only takes a few minutes and requires personal information too. Make sure you have chosen a safe and reliable casino.

Set up a bank account and make a deposit

Once your account is created, it’s time for you to deposit some money. On the homepage you will usually find a link to the deposit page.
After clicking on it, a list of deposit methods will be displayed. Choose your method and get it done. Note that just because a casino offers a certain deposit method doesn’t mean you can  withdraw it that way (and vice versa). Read your options carefully.
Never put yourself in a situation where you bet money you can’t afford to lose! Setting up a good bankroll for playing online casino games should be one of the first things you do.

Buy a Bonus 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your online dice experience, there’s certainly no harm in having a little extra cash!

Switch to  Online Casino Games  

With your new account and money, it’s time to start playing craps.
Craps are commonly found in the table games section of the casino’s games page. Some online casinos will have more options than others.
Playing your favorite variation of the dice game online is not difficult. It is important to find a casino that offers it.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a casino dice game that took its origin from the country called China and has been played there for thousands of years. Its name translates as “two dice”, suggesting that the game could only be played with  two dice instead of three as it is today.
Sic Bo even predates the invention of dice, and before that, bricks with marked sides were rolled out instead. The invention of dice made things more convenient.
Sic Bo is a casino dice game also known as Dai Siu or Tai Sai, both meaning “big and small”. Both big and small factors play an important role in the game of Sic Bo, with the majority of bets  placed on  big or small, in other words, low or high numbers are summed by rolling three dice. .
Chinese immigrants brought the game  to the West in the 19th century, but it wasn’t until the 1920s that the game became known to Westerners. The Chinese stuck with the original version they’d been using for millennia, and as Macau built up large casinos and began to attract Westerners, the game eventually reached Las Vegas, where it started offering this game to  Chinese guests for the first time. The game eventually gained traction among non-Chinese and is now a regular game offered at many casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere, as well as some online casinos.
Although Sic Bo is still a side game in non-Chinese casinos, it is extremely popular in Macau and in some casinos it is second only to baccarat in terms of gambling revenue spread at least a little now among non-Asian people.

Benefits of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is another dice game in the  casino  and offers players  an alternative to the dice game if they want to play with dice. Sic Bo is a mix of  craps and roulette, with bets such as high and low  on specific numbers being rolled, similar to roulette, and of course sharing the dice with craps.
Sic Bo is a much simpler and more direct game than craps  where with craps it can take several tosses to decide the outcome of the game, but with Sic Bo the result is always immediate.
This makes Sic Bo a much faster paced game and  a real advantage over other casino games, which means more action per hour, even more with roulette which takes a little time to process, waiting for the ball to settle. With Sic Bo, the dice fall on the table and you simply count them.
Actually, a simpler game does not exist in the casino  and even those who have never played it before can understand it very easily, especially  starting from big and small stakes.

How To Play Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is simply  betting on the outcome of  three dice. There are a number of different options players can choose from, starting with the big and small bets, where the player bets on the total of the dice, or plus 4 to 10 (small) or 11 to 17 (fat) .
These two outcomes have an equal chance of happening and pay  1 to 1. Triples, where the dice  all have the same number, are ineligible and this is where the house has the upper hand on these bets.
You can also bet on even or odd, with the same payout of 1 to 1, excluding triples. The house edge on big, small, odd and even bets is a very reasonable 2.8%.
There are a number of other bets that can be made, on specific totals, specific doubles, specific triples, on a certain number appearing on one of the dice and on different combinations, but all of these bets give house odds significantly higher than the  edge.
The house edge on these other bets is at least 7.9% and  almost all of them are in  double digits, with the actual house edge depending on the casino payouts. None of these bets are good  no matter where you play Big Sic. However, these other bets are available and they are an option if one has enough fun with them to justify the lower odds they offer.
Sic Bo is also offered online at some casinos and although some players may find the game too easy, the game itself can be a lot of fun, much simpler and more relaxing than that.

Chuck a Luck

Chuck a Luck is one of the popular casino dice game that obviously resembles few popular games just like Craps and also a simplified version of Sic Bo. Using the three dice, the player bets on a number of possible outcomes when tossing. There are three dice in the birdcage, they are thrown either by the dealer or by a system of machines. This is done after the player has placed a bet on the outcome of the throw.

How To Play

The player bets on any number from 1 to 6. The operator rolls the dice and pays  the rolled number and keeps all other bets. Some game operators or  establishments allow only  one bet per number and split the bet.
  • If a player’s number appears on the dice, he is paid  1 to 1 (even).
  • If a player’s number rolls on two dice, he is paid with odds of 2 to 1.
  • If a player’s number appears on all three dice, he is paid with odds of 3 to 1.
This game is  simple but the odds are very deceptive. A trader has all the opportunities in his or her favor and won’t stop making money. With three dice, the odds of rolling any number  are 50-50, which  (correctly) even pays. The trick is in double and triple, which is what moderators want as much as the lunatics are playing. Determine how much you will win and lose if you bet the same amount on each number and a double or triple is rolled. A double will happen 90 out of 216 (6 x 6 x 6) will land and a treble will happen 6. The house’s overall advantage is 7,8703%.


Hazard is a game which is played with two different dice. It is very similar to craps, which is very popular  in the United States and also in other parts of North America.
Hazard is a dice game which is mentioned by Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales and  he is a huge fan of Chaucer, in the 14th century. Hazard was a popular dice game throughout Shakespeare’s life, which is most likely why Bard included it in his works.

How To Play?

Hazard was a popular dice game in the 18th century and a precursor to craps. The term for a bad throw-in by Hazard, i.e. 2 or 3, is ‘crab’. The rules vary slightly from source to source and over time, but here’s a basic set.
One  starts as a caster, but all can bet. The larger the number of players, the greater the chance of the shooter winning or losing.
The caster calls a principal (i.e. says a number, but it should be 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, the only possible principals) and bets on the table. If he wins, the others will have to pay that initial bet. Others can place their own bets now and  any other time between pitches, and if the caster accepts the bet, they will deposit the same amount to cover.
When the bet is over, he rolls two dice. If he spins his main, he “marks” it and wins all bets on the table, plus the other players must pay his initial bet. Otherwise, any reel between 4 and 10 becomes his chance.
When he has a main chance and a chance, he rolls the dice until he rolls  again. After the first toss, the principal loses the chance to win. But there are special throws.
At any time, a reel 2 or 3 loses.
If it is 6 or 8 then 12 wins.
If it is 5, 7 or 9 then 12 loses.
If it’s 7 then 11 wins.
If it’s 5, 6, 8 or 9 then 11 loses.
This is not a game for fools — unless they want to lose a lot of money.


Klondike is a very exciting game that has its roots in western expansion  across the United States. Adventurers looking for more opportunities are  known to work hard and play hard.
Klondike offers an escape from the daily routine of dodging wildlife attacks, dodging bandits along the trail, and hoping you don’t catch a potentially fatal cold. It was a difficult life for the  men and women of the border.
Klondike has given them the chance to have real fun and even make some huge money if they are really lucky. This game is the combination of elements from many different games into one exciting scheme..
 Klondike is played with 5 dice. The game will be very familiar to anyone who has played the famous entertainment game Yahtzee.
Klondike starts with the banker who rolls the dice in order to create a hand. When the banker’s hand is established, then it is the player’s who need to toss.
The object of the game is to build a better hand than the dealer using  dice, rated with 1 as best and 6-2  in descending order from best to worst.
Your goal is to get a better match than the bank. Do it, and you are a winner. Unfortunately, you will lose in the event of a tie or when the banker has a better hand.

Banka Francesa

One of the fastest games in the online casino is Banka Francesa. This game is nowhere available in the US. However, the game is trending in some parts of Europe and South America.
Banka Francesa is played with 3 six-sided dice and offers only three possible bets; “Big”, “Small” and “Ace”.
Banka Francesa is a great game for players of all experience levels as it is fun and offers a  house edge of less than 2%.
Suppose one day you  find yourself sitting in front of a table offering this fascinating game. In that case, we recommend you settle  for fast and exciting casino games.

Big Six

Big Six casino game don’t use dice but usually use a “wheel of fortune” with different dice faces drawn on it. There are about 56 sets of 3 sided dice  around the edge of the wheel. Players bet on a layout showing six dice values.
If a player bets on 1 and 1, 2, 4 appear on the wheel, he wins 1 unit plus his original bet. If 1, 1, 5 are out, you will get 2 units  and the original bet back. And accordingly, if 1,1,1 appear, they get 3 units from the original bet.
Following the same principle as Chuck-A-Luck, the casino hopes that pairs and triples will come. The wheel will have a disproportionate number of  pairs and triplets. This is a cup game with a huge house edge and should be avoided.


Ricochet is a dice game once found at  Fiesta Henderson. It is known that it was removed in July 2006. The game generally uses 3 dice and is played on a small table which has chairs. More and more bets are available, some bets are settled in one toss and others can lose multiple times.


The following bets will win if the selected bet wins before the player rolls the dice (throws the end-of-court combination).

Straight Up

This is  one of  30 pairing combinations. For example 3,3,4. It pays 8 to 1. Divide : These are two live bets, placed  between two sides (as in roulette).It pays 4 to 1.


This is any bet on four, placed on the corner of  four. (like roulette). It pays 2 to 1.
 Bets on a toss.
The following bets  always pay out on a toss.

One column

This bet covers six of the straight  combinations. It pays 10 to 1.

Two rows

This bet consists of 10 straight  combinations. It pays 6 to 1.

Any Black

Out of 30 straight  bets, 14 are  black. This bet is  one of the black combinations that will win. It pays 4 to 1.

Any Blue

Out of the 30 straight bets, 14 are  green. This bet is that one of the green suits will win. It pays 4 to 1.

Triple of the same type

The player can choose any specific triple of the same type, for example 444. He pays 200 to 1.

Any Triple of the same type

Wins if any triple of the same type is thrown. Pays 34 to 1.

Any Six and One

Wins if both  one and six appear on the next toss, for example 126 or 116.
456 will pay 3 to 1.

Under and Over 7

Under and Over 7 is a fantastic and simple  online casino dice game. It is normally played with two simple wooden dice. The rule of Under and Over 7 is probably to guess if the dice value is less than/greater than or Seven. These are the only bets in the game
Bets on Under and Over 7 that the value of the dice will be greater than or less than 7 paid  1:1.The bet loses if the value is opposite or 7. It is also possible to bet directly on 7. After that, the winnings are usually paid out  4:1 or worse 3:1.
It is clear that the odds are  in  favor of the house. They give him advantage/benefit 16.67% in all cases. But if a 3:1 payout ratio is applied, the advantage is up to 33.33%!

Die Rich Craps

Another variation of the standard Craps is Craps Die Rich. The game is rarely found in casinos. It can be  played at one or two land-based casinos and some online casinos, mainly because it is one of the newest variations of Craps  and  is rarely used. 
The biggest feature of the game is that it is played with only one dice  instead of two like in all other Craps games. Because it uses only one dice, the game is structured differently  and has slightly modified rules. Continue reading to learn more about Die Rich Craps, its pros and cons, some winning tips, and where you can play it in Las Vegas.

How To Play Die Rich Craps?

The game begins with the player placing the pass bet and then rolling the dice. The  number of rolls is called roll out. If it is  6, the Pass Line bet pays 1:1.If it is 1 then the bet is lost. Any other throw is called a point. If  2 or 5 are thrown on  roll, the player rolls again.
If the second throw is a point, the player wins. If it is  1, then he loses the Pass bet. The player has three chances to throw a point. If the player makes four throws and the best is still unresolved, then he loses the bet. Additionally, there are six suggested bets on the outcome of the next toss and they pay 4 to 1.

Craps variations

Craps is a game of chance that has been across the world for centuries and  has therefore undergone many improvements over time. Some get stuck, while others become completely new variations. They have evolved over the years in different parts of the world and some of them have survived and grown. Most casinos do not offer more than one variant of craps, however, depending on where the bet is placed, that variation may not be the “original”.

Simplified Craps

There are dozens of variations of standard craps. It is a testament to the love that players have for the game. This variation is a great game to start with for beginners.
In this game, players only need to win if they roll 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or 12. Player loses if they roll  5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.

High Point Craps

In this version of Craps, the first 2 or 3 tosses will be skipped and the player must return until another total is reached. An 11 or 12 reel automatically wins. Any other total becomes a point and the player rolls over and must roll a total greater than the point to win. Winnings are even. The house edge in this game is 2.

New York Craps

This variation of the game is a bit different and also requires a different table. Despite its name, it may actually be derived from Yugoslavia. The game is mainly played in the United Kingdom and the East Coast of the United States. The main difference of this variant is that it does not allow “to” and “not to come” bets. Players can bet directly on  one of the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.If your number comes up, you win, otherwise you lose.

Crapless Craps 

Just  reading the name, you might think  it sounds pretty paradoxical – you can’t lose a pass bet on appearance. Too good to be true, right?. Well, not many people understand why, so here we will clarify exactly how much you win and how much you lose playing this variation of the game. 
Also, the rules for the “pass” bet are different – 11 is not a sure winner. It may not seem so bad to some, but in reality, the odds say a lot. Basically what you are doing when playing this variation is giving up a definite winner for 3 losers. Not much. That is not the only problem here, however, on top of that, the house edge on this game is about 5 times higher.

Coin-Die Game

This game is played with one coin, a dice and stakes.

How To Play?

Players toss a coin and then roll the dice. If the coin is heads, the player wins and gets double the number of units shown on the die. If the coin is heads, the player wins and receives four units plus the same number of units  shown on the dice.  Odds are in the dealer’s favor by 3.448%


This game is played with 5 dice.

How To Play?

Each player  has five tosses in turn, setting the highest dice aside after each roll and rolling with the rest. After the final roll, with the last dice, the five dice set aside will be added. If the total is 25 or more,  the player wins and gets his bet back with an amount equal to the banker’s amount.

High Dice

This is a very simple game played with just 2 dice against the banker. The game is really very interesting when played for stakes.

How To Play?

The banker rolls the dice and calculates the sum of the two numbers rolled. The next players roll the dice and must get a higher total to win. In the event of an equal number of points, the dealer wins.

Sixes Bet

It’s an old dice game that costs players a lot of money. This shows how all the odds are used to someone’s benefit. .

How To Play?

The way to bet is very simple. The controller will roll the number 6 at least once out of four tosses. The  odds of winning are fixed at equal (1v1).For an even amount, the bet must be made on three rolls of the dice.

Five Rolls

This game is played with one dice and for stakes.

How To Play?

Players play with the first rolling player placing an agreed bet. The player puts the money, then rolls on the die 5 times. If a player rolls on even number three times, he wins. If less than 3 even numbers are rolled, he loses. A winner will be paid by the other player(s) at odds of 3 to 2.
Many people miss the fact that the exact ratio is even (1 to 1). Scammers will try to hit as often as possible, changing the bet to a lower value when they don’t, knowing that in the long run the odds will be in their favor.

Twelve Up

It’s a simple game played with a single dice against the banker.

How To Play?

The player bets on the banker. The players then choose a number between 14 and 18. They then roll the dice and add the rolled values ​​until a total is greater than twelve. If the total is 13, they lose and the moderator takes the bet (after all, 13 is unlucky). If the total is the number they chose, they win and receive  their bet plus the equivalent from the banker. If the total is different, there is no winning or losing.
The banker knows that it has been mathematically proven that 13 is more likely to be a sum than any other number.


A dice game popular in the Midwestern United States from the 1920s to the 1950s, in which the player chooses a number between 1  and 6, then rolls 10 dice thirteen times, to roll the selected twenty six  times or more, or thirteen  times, or less than ten times. The game house edge is about 18%.
Twenty-six is ​​primarily played  in pubs and stalls, with the house paying the winners with drinks or merchandise. Local and federal anti-gambling campaigns have largely put an end to gambling.

Twenty One

 This is a simple dice game version with cards played with a single die.

How To Play?

It’s the player’s turn  to get a score of 21, or as close as possible, by rolling the dice as many times as they want and adding up the rolled numbers. The player with a total score greater than 21 will be disqualified and eliminated from the game. The player with the closest total to 21, after each player has had a turn, wins the game. In the event of an equal high total, a play-off is held.


This is a Roman gambling game from the ancient period. It is said that it has been played for many centuries.. It is a simple game played with three dice and stakes.

How To Play?

Every player has a turn. Players place the bets on the outcome of the dice. One among the  players throws the three dice. If the total is less than 10, the player loses the bet. If the total is 10 or more,  the dealer loses and pays  an equal amount on the player’s bets.

Heaven and Nine

A simple Chinese  game of chance played with two dice and a stake. Best played with four or more players.

How To Play?

Each player takes turns keeping the bank. The banker places a limit on the player’s bets and  other players bet in front of them. Once the banker has placed a bet, the game begins.

Buck Dice

This game needs three dice and money if you want to gamble.

How To Play?

To start the game, the order of play is determined by having each player roll the highest-rolled dice first. The player with the lowest toss has to roll a die again and the rolled value  becomes the score for the first game.
Each player takes turns rolling the dice and continues to roll them as long as he gets a score. When a player fails to roll the number of points, the dice will pass to the next player. Players announce the number of times they get the score after each throw. The number of three points on a  throw is called a big dollar or champion and the player who throws this point automatically withdraws from the game. One throws another set with a so-called small dollar score and points 5 points. Once a player has reached a total of 15 points, they leave the game. The game continues until only one player remains the loser.


The simple game with three dice.

How To Play?

The first player tosses the dice into the throw cup and hides them  from the other players, looking at the numbers thrown. They then publish a three-digit number representing the dice’s values, which can be either true or contrived. 6,6,6 is the highest and 1,1,1 is the lowest. The numbers are called in descending order, for example:5,3,1.
Then the next player rolls the dice without looking and has to dispute the call or  look and roll 1, 2, 3 or no dice and announce a  higher value call. Players must honestly declare their number of dice rolls.
The game continues until a challenge is presented. When a player is challenged, all  dice are revealed. If they show a three-digit number with a lower rank than the previous call, the player who called that number pays  the challenger. If the dice show the same or higher rating number, the challenger pays some money to the caller. If one player calls 6, 6, 6, the next player must challenge.


A  game of chance requires two dice, coins or stakes and a fixed layout  with the numbers 3 to 11 on it.

How To Play?

Players take turns rolling the dice. After each throw, they put a token in the corresponding number on the layout. For example, if he rolls a total of 7, he places a chip in the area of ​​the layout marked 7. When a number on the layout has at least three chips, the next player tosses the number. that will pick them up. If a player plays doubles-1, they place a chip on all the numbers on the board. If a player lands a double 6 (the jackpot), they collect all the chips on the layout. The game continues for a predetermined time or until it is agreed to end the game.


This game is played with 6 dice and stakes.

How To Play?

One player is designated as a banker. The other players then place their bets, up to an agreed limit. Then the banker rolled six dice. There are win, lose and neutral combinations.

Grasping Eight

This game is played with 8 dice, a layout and stakes.

How To Play?

One player is designated as a banker. Other players place their bets on a number on the layout. Then one of the players  rolls  eight dice.
The dealer pays  8 times the bet on any number equal to 3 dice of the same value.
The dealer pays  16 times the bet of any number equal to 6 dice of the same value.
The dealer collects all  other bets on the remaining numbers.