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Crypto.Games online casino was established in the year 2014, the casino is being operated by MuchGaming B.V. The company is licensed under the laws of Curacao.

     The Crypto.Games casino even holds an international license of eGaming under the laws of Curacao.

    The casino was started by a group of IT industry workers who found crypto gambling interesting.


Crypto.Games online casino is made available only in English Language and does not support any other languages.


Being a crypto casino, the Crypto.Games casino accepts transactions only in cryptocurrencies

   Accepted Cryptocurrencies at the Crypto.Games casino are Bitcoin – BTC, Bitcoin Cash – BCH, Litecoin – LTC, EThereum – ETH, Dogecoin – DOGE, Ethereum Classic – ETC, Dash – DASH, Gas – GAS, Monero – XMR, Peercoin – PPC and Stratis – STRAT.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Being a Crypto casino very few withdrawal methods are provided at Crypto.Games casino.

    No third party deposits are allowed at casinos, players are intended to use their own wallets to make a transaction at the casino. 

     Players are given a minimum deposit limit and if any of the players fails to meet the provided deposit limit then the coins deposited will be lost permanently.  

     The minimum amount to be deposited by the players at the casino is 0.0001 Bitcoin, 0.01 Monero, 0.01 Dash, 0.01 Ether, 100 Dogecoin, 0.001 Bitcoin cash, 0.05 Stratis, 0.01 Litecoin , 0.02 Ether classic and 0.02  NeoGas.

      The minimum withdrawal amount at the casino is 0.002 Bitcoin or equivalent currencies or equivalent altcoin. Players are charged with the minimum transaction fees for every transaction processed at the casino based on the coins used.

       All the transactions at the casino are simple, fair and secure.


Crypto.Games casino provides or offers very few games. All the games are developed in-house and there are no external software or game providers at Crypto.Games casino.

    There are only Eight – 8 games offered at the casino , namely, Plinko, Dice, Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Slot, Minesweeper and Lotto or Lottery.

   Firstly Slot was the only game at the casino, later Dice was added and again by the end of the 2015 other two games as Blackjack and lottery were added.

   There were only seven – 7 games previously, but Minesweeper is the latest attraction and the new game added to the casino. 


People often get excited by listening to the word lottery, so Crypto.Games casino has come up with the lottery feature. 

   Lottery at Crypto.Games casino is conducted twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday. Players can purchase more than one ticket to take part in the lottery. But the lottery tickets are to be bought only using Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin only. 

      Price of lottery tickets is generally very less to make it affordable to all the players of the casino, lottery ticket price varies based on the coins or the lottery in which the player is interested in. 

  • Dogecoin lottery – 200 DOGE per ticket 
  • Ethereum lottery – 0.005 ETH per ticket 
  • Bitcoin lottery – 0.0001 BTC per ticket 

The total prize pool amount is given to the first three winners of the lottery and to the house as the maintenance and development fee of the casino. 

     The pool prize amount of the lottery depends upon the number of tickets purchased by the players. 

  • Players in the first place will receive eighty percent (80%) of the total prize amount. 
  • Players in the second place will receive fourteen percent (14%) of the total prize amount. 
  • Players in the third place will receive approximately 5 percent (4.5%) of the total prize amount. 
  • The remaining 1.5% of the amount will be given to the house for the further development and maintenance of the casino.

House Edges of games

At Crypto.Games casino players are given a very low house edge for the games offered at the casino. Games offered at the casino are Plinko, Dice, Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Slot, Minesweeper and Lotto or Lottery.

   House edges of the games are,

  • Blackjack at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of 1.253%
  • Roulette at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of 2.7%.
  • Plinko – Green ball at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of  1.63%
  • Plinko – Yellow ball at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of 1.91%.
  • Plinko – Blue ball at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of 1.52%.
  • Plinko – Red Ball at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of 1.84%.
  • Dice at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of 0.8%.
  • Video Poker – Bonus poker at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of 2.09%.
  • Video Poker – Tens or Better at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of  2.08%.
  • Video Poker – Jacks or Better at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of  2.11%.
  • Minesweeper at Crypto.Games casino has a house edge of 1%.
  • Lottery at Crypto.Games casino does not have any specific house edge but returns 1% more than paid by the player.

Live Dealer

There are no live dealer games available at the Crypto.Games casino, in the virtual world of casinos right now live dealer games are playing a major role in attracting the players from world-wide.

     Absence of live dealer games at the casino can be considered as  the major drawback to the Crypto.Games casino.


Though there are only very few games provided, all the eight games are provably fair. All the games of the casino run with the help of predefined algorithms without any human intervention to avoid malpractices . 

    The whole team behind the Crypto.Games casino is a group of IT industry workers providing a very good background to the code to the games present at the casino.


Many Competitions and Promotions are held at the casino and the information regarding such activities is specified to the players by email, to the id provided by the players at the casino.

      The offered bonus promotional activities and competitions are conducted either by the casino or by any third party operators at the casino.

       Moreover, there are no bonus codes available at the casino.

Social Media

Crypto.Games casino is very active in all the social media accounts like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

     Players can follow the accounts and get the information regarding the lottery, tournaments or any other information regarding the casino.

Accepted Players

Crypto.Games casino accepts the player if and only if the player has a minimum age of 18 years and belongs to any geographical region or country where online crypto gambling is legal.

    Casino reserves the right to prohibit or restrict the registration if any of the player’s requirements are not satisfied.

Restricted Countries

Registration for the players of countries Aruba, Australia, Bonaire, Belgium, Czechia, Curacao, Estonia, Denmark, Greece, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Iran, Italy, Romania, North Korea, Saba, Sint Maarten, Slovenia, Sint Eustatius, Slovakia, Syria, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, United States Territories, United States, United Kingdom is prohibited.

    Registration is even prohibited for the players if online gambling is illegal in the geographical region or country he / she lives in.

     No player is allowed to have any sort of relation with employees, managers, executives, directors, agents, consultants, affiliated companies, sellers or providers of the games at the casino. 

   If  any of the players is found to have relations with insiders of the casino then the players account is closed and all the transactions to such accounts will be freezed.

  If any player from the restricted countries tries to deposit and gamble at the casino then the casino cannot guarantee any successful transactions.

Inactive Player Accounts

If any of the player accounts remains inactive for a period of consecutive 180 days, then the casino reserves the right to shut or close the account by retaining any of the funds associated with the account.

Mobile Support

There is no availability of special casino applications of Crypto.Games casino to use in the mobile. The Crypto.Games casino does not give any mobile support to the players.


There is no live chat facility available at the Crypto.Games casino, but the players can contact the staff by using an email id provided to the players.     

Crypto.Games FAQ

Q : Does Crypto.Games casino accept FIAT currencies?

A : No, Crypto.Games casino accepts only Cryptocurrencies and does not allow any crypto transactions.

Q : What is the minimum withdrawal amount at the casino?

A : Players can make a minimum withdrawal of 0.002 BTC or Altcoins equivalent.

Q : Can a player handle more than one account at the Crypto.Games casino?

A : No player is allowed to handle more than one player account at the casino. One account per household, per IP address is accepted at the casino.